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Do you want to develop a strong brand and increase your customer base?

With our expertise and experience in marketing and design, we can create a unique marketing strategy tailored to your business requirements, followed by implementation. Our packages are customised to suit your needs. Take the next step and contact Brouder Design to develop and grow your business for the future.

We are a Sligo based Marketing and Design Company lead by Marie Brouder, so contact us now for a free consultation.

Marketing Plans to Suit Your Business & Your Budget

Your business in unique in it’s location, it’s staff and your unique selling points. You may sell identical or similar products/service to your competitor but by developing and using focused marketing techniques tailored to your business and customer base. You can emphasise why customers should choose you – Focus On Your Strengths. By using this sentence as a starting point we can showcase your business through your promotional material, online advertising, social media (Facebook/Twitter) and website thus promoting and building a strong brand for your business.

If you are not ready to look at a complete marketing plan, we are happy too to work with you on a project by project basis i.e. design a new logo, creating promotional material, getting your business online, online advertising or designing your website.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our Services

Mentoring by Marie Brouder

We offer mentoring sessions in two hourly blocks in:

  • Development of a Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Retail Point of Sale Review


  • We also offer mentoring through the Local Enterprise Office Sligo
Branding & Visual Identity

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