Firstly let’s look at the types of Search Engine Marketing

    1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) commonly called organic or natural search
    2. Pay Per Click (PPC) commonly called paid search or sponsored links

Adwords- Management

What is Google Adwords?

For the purpose of this page we are going to look at Google Adwords, which is a form of pay per click advertising. Your ads will be displayed in Google Search results for your keywords and placement is mainly determined by bidding. You only pay when somebody clicks on your ads.

Google search divides up their search results to show both organic and paid listings. This image: red areas are paid search results, green areas are organic search results.

Why use Google Adwords?

It is a cost effective form of driving traffic to your website. Results can be measured and landing pages customised to increase sales.

  • Attract more customers for your keywords
  • Reach people when they are looking for the products/services you offer
  • Target your ads to specific countries or regions
  • Drive traffic to specific landing pages on your website for sales, special promotions or offers

Driving Quality Traffic to Your Online Store = Increased Sales 

Google Adwords Review

If you have an existing Google Adwords campaign in place and are looking to manage the account internally. Let us complete a review to ensure you are maximising your budget spent, you can implement the results yourself.

Google Adwords Management

 As adwords is an effective and efficient sales tools, we can manage your account to maximise the return on your investment. You set a daily budget, which is not exceeded. We offer ongoing account optimisation and monitoring with a monthly report detailing the results. As an online advertising professional we understand how to research the best keywords phrase for optimum bidding, we monitor and test results to make sure we gain the best possible campaign results for your advertising budget.