“Maintaining contact with our clients is a major key in developing our business and our e-mail marketing campaign managed by Brouder Design has been and continues to be invaluable. The design and management of the campaign as well as the reports that we get on each campaign, provides us with important information on our clients and their response to our products. My biggest fear was that after a short period our subscriber list would be decimated by “unsubscribes”, but hey, we still have their attention and an “above average click through rate”. The support we receive for our website and google adword management has, thanks to Brouder Design boosted our sales. This is an area that requires consistent monitoring and attention and placing this in the hands of Brouder Design allows us more time to focus on other aspects of the business. As with all small businesses cost and expenditure are always a worry, but investing in the services of Brouder Design in my opinion is a “no brainer”.”

Testimonial from Tony Murray, Managing Director