We have experience in setting up a number of loyalty programmes for customers in both retail and trade industry from loyalty and referral cards to VIP’s. With the development of both B2B and B2C programmes.

Our experience in developing a project from start to finish excels in this area from the development of the initial idea, the strategy to the final designed products, we can handle every step of the process for you including printing.

The WHY, WHO, WHEN & HOW…Hair Court Loyalty Card

  • The WHY

To say thank you, nurture your existing customers and build on their loyalty to your business.

What can it achieve? An increase in customer spends, winning back customers (out of sight, out of mind), up-selling, cross-selling, building relationships and reducing advertising costs.

  • The WHO

Deciding on the customer base you wish to target and the returns that are achievable. Are there different levels for higher spenders?

  • The WHEN

What is the best time of the year to commence on a loyalty programme? Does it take place in addition to sale periods/ special offers? Is it all year around? Is now the right time for your business to start a referral programme?

  • The HOW

Do you offer discounts, special offers, a introductory gift? How do you reward your loyal customers, what are your unique benefits. Can your customers sign up instore and/or online?

How is the scheme introduced to customers? – loyalty card, posters instore, graphics online, information pack, brochures, newsletter…

Additional Options to Consider

  • Partnerships and/or collaborations

The choices are endless, we can work with you to develop a

programme, which works for your business.